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Our Ethos and Values

Our school motto is Learn, Create, Progress, Succeed. We strongly believe that all children have the right to an education that enables them to achieve all four of these aims. In order to reach their full potential we expect all children to follow the 6 Rs – Respect, relationships, resilience, risk-taking, resourcefulness and reflection. In addition to this we encourage all pupils to take pride in themselves, their work and their school.


At Lakenheath Primary School we also recognise the importance of the British Values identified by the Government. We actively seek regular opportunities to promote these values in school. Our assembly themes are built around our school values, the 6Rs and British Values. The following gives a taste of how we promote specific British Values in school.


Democracy – children’s involvement in writing class rules, elected school council make decisions about school improvement, pupil perceptions and questionnaires respond to pupil’s views. 


The rule of law – The importance of laws/rules are reinforced in many ways during every day. For example – consistent approach to behaviour, school assemblies, high profile relationships with public services like the police force and fire service. 


Individual Liberty – Children are encouraged to make choices on a regular basis in their learning (choice of challenge levels, choice of clubs to join, choice of and freedom to run their own clubs. The children feel safe to make choices as they are in a safe environment. They know about making choices related to their own safety (e-safety, bullying etc). 


Mutual Respect – All members of the school community are expected to be polite and to treat each other with respect. Adults role model this and it is given a high priority. 


Tolerance of different faiths and beliefs – At our school we take every opportunity to celebrate the different faiths and beliefs of other cultures, particularly those pupils who come into our school. For example: Chinese New Year and Thanksgiving. 


Our PSHE and RE curriculum maps clearly show where these values are specifically taught. Please find these on the curriculum pages.